Sheep Farming for Beginners

Getting Started with Sheep

If you’re looking for information about getting started with sheep, we think the articles below, about sheep farming for beginners, are a great place to start. Each of these short, informative articles will help you learn the basics of raising sheep for fun or profit. 

On this page you’ll find articles which include:

  • Preparing to Own & Care for Sheep
  • Sheep Farm Setup Basics & Advice
  • An Introduction to Some Common Sheep Farm Projects
  • General Information About Sheep Care & Husbandry

While it can be fun to dream about raising sheep, the first few years can prove challenging, and it’s important to get a sense for the time commitment and cost involved. We think the articles on this page (geared toward sheep farming for beginners) is a good starting place to research and learn about the basics of getting started with sheep farming.

Sheep Farming for Beginners

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Preparing to Own & Care for Sheep

Choosing the right breed of sheep for your farm is one of the biggest decisions you’ll need to make. But to do this, you’ll need to determine why you want to raise sheep. Do you want your sheep farm to be profitable? Will it be a 4H flock for your child? Is it a hobby farm? Are you hoping to produce wool you can spin into yarn?

There’s a lot that goes into this decision, and we invite you to visit our full directory of sheep breeds to explore your options, and the articles below (which are written to help you in the early stages of planning to own sheep) can help too.

Sheep Farm Setup Basics & Advice

Next, let’s dig a little deeper and explore how to set up your sheep farm for success.

There are things you’ll need to know when brushing up on sheep farming for beginners. Learn about the different options for sheep housing, fencing, and more right here.

Sheep Herding Dogs

Sheep Herding Dogs

Shepherds have been using sheep herding dogs and guard dogs to move, manage and protect their flocks for thousands of years. Whether you raise your own flock

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Common Sheep Farm Projects

Sheep farming is hard work, and there are some projects and tasks you’ll be required to do pretty regularly. Understanding what these projects are, and what’s involved will help you understand the basics as a beginner to sheep farming.

Here are just a few of the projects you’ll be responsible for when you own sheep:

General Information about Sheep Care and Husbandry

Now let’s take a step back and think big-picture. In this section you can learn some of the basics of caring for sheep the right way.

Learn about your flock’s nutritional needs and how you’ll need to provide for your sheep.

What Do Sheep Eat

What Do Sheep Eat?

Whether you’re a new shepherd or you’re just curious and want to learn a little more about sheep food – it’s important to answer the

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Don’t stop now, let’s keep learning! Next up, we’ll explore all about growing your flock and grazing best practices.