Working with Wool

On this page we share informative articles about working with wool from sheep. From skirting and storing wool, to carding, spinning and dying your fiber; there’s a lot to enjoy in this topic if you’re an aspiring fiber artist.

Explore articles in this category and you’ll discover information and unlock inspiration.

We’ll start with articles to help you produce the best wool you can on your farm. Learn how to increase both the quality and the quantity of the wool on your sheep farm. By feeding your flock the right way, and practicing responsible management and care you can produce cleaner, healthier wool.

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Next, we’ll guide you through finding a market for your wool products and fiber art. We’ll also provide some guidance for getting started making and selling wool, yarn, knit and felted goods.

If you’re interested in learning more about working with wool, you may also be interested in the list of my favorite sheep books for fiber artists, featuring hand-picked titles which will be a welcome addition to any bookshelf.

Wool Production on Your Fiber Farm

The following articles are a nice place to start if you’re looking for information, tips, and guidance about how to improve the quality and quantity of wool produced on your fiber farm. 

Information About Wool & Wool Products

The following articles offer some information and history about wool and the different products produced by sheep and fiber artists. 

History of Wool

The History of Wool

Wool clothing is in nearly every closet. Throughout history, people have sheared sheep for their wool. It’s used to create a veriety of fabrics and

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Properties of Wool Fiber

Properties of Wool Fiber

Since the 1970’s, traditional wool has seen a decline in use in clothing and other products compared to synthetic fabrics. Synthetic materials are cheaper, made

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The Fiber Arts

Learn about the craft and artistry of working with wool and producing crafts and garments from the wool produced by sheep.

Buying Guides

Learning how to spin or want to improve the quality of the wool products you offer for sale at your farm? These buying guides will help you select the perfect equipment to learn and grow as a fiber artist.