Romanov Sheep

Romanov Sheep

The Romanov sheep breed is originally from the valley of Volga in Moscow’s northeastern region. The name Romanov is derived from the former Russian royal family’s name and the breed dates back to the 18th century, after which they were brought to France and Germany.

Importation to North America

The Canadians imported the Romanov in 1980 and there the breed remained in quarantine for five years. After the quarantine period, some were relocated to the United States.

A Romanov Ram

Today the Romanov sheep breed is one of the most abundant breeds in the world, a fact which is due (at least in part) due to their highly adaptable nature.

Why Raise Romanov Sheep?

Romanovs are able to produce young easily, delivering a large number of lambs during each pregnancy (instead the typical one or two delivered by most breeds of sheep).

Romanov hair sheep can breed at various times of the year and offer farmers advanced reproductive maturity, meaning that Romanov ewes cycle at a young age and Romanov rams are able to fertilize large groups of ewes at an earlier age than many other breeds.

Romanov Sheep Breed Information - A Pair of Romanov Lambs

At birth the Romanov is black in color and while some areas of the Roman’vs body remain dark black, other areas turn a light gray shade as they lose their original fleece and develop a second one. The Romanov is commonly valued for their meat production and hardiness.

Romanov Sheep Breed Information

Mature Body WeightRam: 175 – 240 pounds
Ewe: 135 – 160 pounds
Average Fiber DiameterMicron 28 – 33
USDA Wool Grade 46’s – 54’s
Grease Fleece Weight6 – 13 pounds
Yield65% – 80%
Wool Staple Length4 – 5 inches

For more information about the Romanov breed or to find a breeder near you, visit the North American Romanov Sheep Association website.