Montadale Sheep

Montadale Sheep

The Montadale sheep breed is one of the youngest breeds of sheep in existence, originating in the United States as a cross between the large Columbia and compact Cheviot breeds.

History & Origins of the Montadale Breed

Montadale Sheep Breed Information - a Montadale Ram

The famous lamb buyer, E.H Mattingly, is credited with developing the breed, doing so in an effort to produce productive, beautiful sheep with a high-yield carcass.

Montadale ewes have earned a reputation for their strong maternal instinct and produce plenty of milk to raise multiple lambs.

Montadale lambs grow rapidly – a characteristic of this large breed, inherited from their Colombia ancestors, and Montadales are known to have lean, well muscled carcasses.

What do Montadales Look Like?

Montadales are average in size and feature bare legs and heads with white wool and black nostrils and hooves.

The influence of their Cheviot ancestors is apparent when you look at this breed, but Montadale sheep are much larger with longer legs and lower-sitting ears. 

Why Raise Montadale Sheep?

Farmers regularly use Montadale wool at commercial mills. It’s a higher value product than that of many of the meat breeds listed here.

A Group of Montadale Ewes in a Paddock

While they are primarily considered a meat breed, their Columbia ancestors offer the Montadale a decent quality of fleece and some shepherds treat them as a dual-purpose breed.

Montadale Sheep Breed Information

Mature Body WeightRam: 200 – 275 pounds
Ewe: 160 – 180 pounds
Average Fiber DiameterMicron 25 – 30
USDA Wool Grade 50’s – 58’s
Grease Fleece Weight7 – 11 pounds
Wool Staple Length3 – 5 inches
Montadale Ram

For more information about Montadales or to find a breeder near you, visit the Montadale Sheep Breeder’s Association website.