Royal White Sheep

Royal White Sheep

The Royal White Sheep is a relatively new breed that was created by the Dorpochoix Sheep Farm in Hermeleigh, Texas. William Hoag is credited for developing this unique hair sheep breed by combining the St. Croix with the Dorper.

What do Royal Whites Look Like?

The Royal White breed is completely white in color (as their name indicates). This breed produces long hair during the winter – a coat they shed each spring.

About the Royal White Sheep Breed
Royal White ewe with lambs

Neither rams, nor ewes have horns. This is a polled breed of sheep.

Interesting Facts

This beautiful breed is currently undergoing testing and research through the agriculture programs at both Texas A&M and Texas Tech University.

Royal White Rams

This research will assess the ability of this sheep to perform in commercial meat production programs and to resist parasites. Parasite resistance is a desirable trait which allows shepherds to cut down on medical costs and save time.

Today the Royal White breed is gaining popularity in the U.S.

How Big are Royal White Sheep?

Mature Ram Weight250+ pounds
Mature Ewe Weight150+ pounds
Royal White Sheep Flock

To learn more about this breed or to find a breeder near you, visit the Royal White Sheep Association website.

Featured photo courtesy R. White Sheep Association.