CDT Vaccine for Sheep

CDT Vaccine for Sheep (Essential 3+T Review)

There are many different vaccines for Overeating Disease (Enterotoxemia) in sheep and many, like Essential 3+T from Colorado Serum, include the tetanus vaccine in addition to vaccine for Clostridium Perfringens Type C & D. Of the available vaccines this was our favorite and we give it an enthusiastic 5 stars for several reasons:

Andis Sheep Shears Review

Andis Sheep Shears Review

Andis is my favorite brand of sheep shears, and I was lucky enough to use the Andis Heavy Duty Sheep Shears I won in a blocking contest for many years. Unfortunately that set of shears has been discontinued, but the good news is their Xpedition model is just as good (and maybe better). Today I’ll …

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Lamb Tubes for Show

Lamb Tubes for Show (review)

If you’re raising and showing club lambs you understand the importance of a great show blanket which will keep your lambs clean and keep their hide tight and ready for the show ring. These low-cost, high-quality lamb tubes for show lambs are a great option for smaller lambs. These club lamb blankets come in a …

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