ProCool Sheep Blanket

ProCool Sheep Blanket Review (Mesh)

Weaver Leather products are known for their excellent construction, and the Procool sheep blanket is no exception. This blanket is the only one of its kind that I know of – offering farmers the ability to not only keep their sheep clean, but the breathable mesh material of these blankets eases concerns of overheating while driving to fairs and exhibitions during the hot summer months. In addition, if your sheep are in the sun a lot after being recently slickshorn, the pro cool blanket offers revolutionary 98% UVA and UVB protection, protecting the hide of your club lambs or show lamb. I like that the blanket has an extended neck as well so the entire hide of your lamb will be protected from the sun and from flies.

One additional great feature (which, in my opinion, makes it one of the best summer-weather blankets) is the mesh butt … allowing additional airflow and allowing your ewe lambs to urinate comfortably without staining their blanket or their wool. I recommend ordering your blankets a little big so that there’s a bit of room for urination.

This blanket comes in three sizes and there’s some overlap in each size. If it’s your first time ordering blankets I recommend getting one for the size your lamb is now and one a size up – this way you’ll be prepared for the full show season and won’t have to scramble at the last minute. Sizing for the ProCool Mesh Sheep Blankets from Weaver Leather is:

  • Small – Made for Lambs weighing 80-120 pounds
  • Medium – Made for lambs weighing 70 – 140 pounds
  • Large – Made for lambs weighing 130-170 pounds

I was surprised by how durable the fabric (pictured at right) was, despite being so lightweight and breathable. It holds up really well and seems to shed dirt and stay clean longer than some of the cotton blankets I’ve used in the past.

The one drawback to this blanket is the price, which is higher than many other sheep blankets on the market. In spite of the higher price, I still rate this blanket from Weaver Leather at 5 stars – the material is unique and requires a special treatment (which is an added cost) so for the quality and the added benefits of this specialized fabric, I feel that these are appropriately priced and a good value – offering you a blanket which will last for years and improve the comfort of your flock. 

Weaver Leather’s ProCool Sheep Blanket (product details)

ProCool Sheep Blanket Review - Weaver Leather Sheep Blanket

Rated 5 Stars – Breathable, Great Fit, Easy to Clean, Keeps Lambs Clean & Cool

Weaver Leather’s revolutionary ProCool sheep blanket is designed specifically to keep sheep cool and protected from the sun and flies. Constructed from a breathable mesh material, the ProCool blanket offers great ventilation and blocks 98% of harmful UVA/UVB rays. Leg gussets on the front shoulder allow for extended leg movement during exercise while the snap and ring ends of the adjustable belly strap rest inside pockets to help prevent against rubbing and chafing while keeping the blanket securely in place.
Care: Machine wash separately with cold water on gentle cycle. Line dry.
Sizes: Small (80-120 lbs), Medium (110-140 lbs), Large (130-170 lbs)

Manufactured by: Weaver Leather
Rated 5 / 5 based on 1 review
$30.89 – New

Key Features

  • UVA/UVB Resistant (98%)
  • Leg Gussets: Added Mobility
  • Breathable Mesh for Airflow
  • ProCool Mesh Material is Lightweight & Breathable

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