Scottish Blackface Sheep

Scottish Blackface Sheep

Scotland’s history reveals that the iconic Scottish Blackface sheep breed was developed there, and the breed was originally utilized to produce prolific crossbred ewes. These crossbred ewes were mating companions for rams with the best characteristics for meat production on Scotland’s farms.

About the Scottish Blackface Breed

A medium-sized sheep, the Scottish Blackface is famous for its hardiness. It is a breed that is easy to recognize by its iconic black and white marked face.

Scottish Blackface Sheep Breed

Their heads and legs often have little bits of wool or none at all.

The ewes are good at raising lambs, showing excellent maternal instincts and ample milk production. They tend to be quite protective mothers.

Unique Characteristics

The Scottish Blackface has wool that is coarse and long. This coat is well-suited to the harsh winds and difficult weather conditions of the Scottish highlands.

The breed is very well known in Great Britain due to its exceptional use for crossbreeding, particularly in the Bluefaced Leicester and the Border Leicester breeds.

Both sexes of Scottish Blackface are capable of having horns.

Today, you’ll find this breed of sheep in Europe, the United Kingdom, and the Americas.

Scottish Blackface Breed Information

MATURE BODY WEIGHTRam: 150-175 lbs.
Ewe: 115-130 lbs.
USDA Wool Grade: 40’s-54’s
A Scottish Blackface Ewe

To learn more about this breed or to find a farm with these sheep near you, visit the Blackface Sheep Breeders’ Association website.