Sheep Management Practices

Tips & Guides for Sheep Flock Management Success

I’m proud to offer a number of informative articles and guides to help you learn how to manage your flock, or to improve your sheep management practices. 

On this page you’ll find articles which fall into the following 4 categories:

  • Sheep Farm Infrastructure – From building effective housing to choosing the right type of fence … I’ll cover the basics of providing what your sheep need.
  • Management Projects – Step-by-step instructions and how-to guides to help you tackle the most common farm projects (hoof trimming, deworming, and more).
  • Growing Your Flock – I’ll share tips about breeding sheep, delivering lambs, weaning them onto pasture, and more.
  • Improving Your Pasture – Guides about stock rates, rotational grazing, winterization, and more.
Sheep Management

Owning Sheep vs Managing a Sheep Flock

There’s a difference between owning sheep and managing a flock of sheep. Sheep farm management starts with knowledge (which I can help with), but it will be sustained on your farm by your time, effort, and passion.

Staying on top of your flock’s basic management requirements will not only improve the performance of your sheep, it will help you avoid losses, and make working on your sheep farm a more enjoyable experience. 

By following effective sheep management practices you empower yourself, and give your flock the opportunity to thrive. Your sheep will achieve their best possible level of production if you do your part as shepherd.

The articles linked on this page offer a good primer on a range of projects you’ll be responsible for on your sheep farm, and I hope that the information provided in this section of my site helps you build the foundation of an effective flock management plan.

Sheep Farm Infrastructure

Learn about the blocking and tackling of sheep farms.

These articles cover the basics of farm infrastructure and the different physical assets you probably need to effectively manage a flock of sheep.

Sheep Herding Dogs

Sheep Herding Dogs

Shepherds have been using sheep herding dogs and guard dogs to move, manage and protect their flocks for thousands of years. Whether you raise your own flock

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Sheep Management Projects

There are tasks you’ll perform over and over again on your farm to take care of your sheep and ensure they stay healthy.

These articles and guides cover the basics of these projects and provide some tricks I’ve learned over the years to make them go smoothly and improve efficiency on your farm.

Growing Your Flock

When you’re ready to expand your flock and take your sheep farm to the next level, there is a lot to think about. These articles cover the basics of best practices for breeding sheep, caring for pregnant ewes, delivering lambs, weaning onto pasture, and putting in place an effective grazing system.

Improving Your Pasture for Sheep

Whether you have a small farm with just an acre or two, or you have an expansive grassland to manage, understanding sheep stocking rates, nutrition and dietary preferences, and more is critical. 

These articles will help you get the best performance from your pasture and save money on hay, grain, and other expensive food sources in the process.

What Do Sheep Eat

What Do Sheep Eat?

Whether you’re a new shepherd or you’re just curious and want to learn a little more about sheep food – it’s important to answer the

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