Jacob Sheep

Jacob Sheep

The history of the Jacob sheep breed is a mystery but they have been found in England for more than 300 years. The Jacob is small sized and has multiple horns, giving this breed a truly unique appearance which endears them to their owners.  

Jacob Sheep Appearance & Horns

They typically have four horns, two of which stick out vertically while the other two are curled at the side of their heads. They also have various black spots scattered all over the body as well as black markings on their faces.

Jacob Ram

This coloration is fairly uncommon among other sheep breeds and when combined with their unique horns, it offers Jacob sheep a distinctive appearance – they are one of the most easily recognized sheep breeds.  

The Jacob breed’s white and black markings are typically found around the eyes and nose area.

Jacob Sheep Breed

Why Raise Jacobs?

The Jacob is commonly used in wool production due to their medium-grade fleece that contains kemp fibers often used in tweed attire.  

For a period of time, the Jacob was thought to be near extinction and could only be found in some areas of England, part of the reason we’ve included it in our category of rare and minor breeds, but nowadays the Jacob sheep breed is more popular throughout the world, though they are still considered a rare breed.

To learn more about this interesting breed of sheep, visit the Jacob Sheep Breeders Association website.