Brecknock Hill Cheviot Sheep

American Miniature Brecknock Sheep

The American Miniature Brecknock is also referred to by its former names, which include the Small Cheviot and the Southern Hill Cheviot. This breed was imported to the United States in 1833 by a company in Washington called the Hudson Bay Co., and today the American Miniature Brecknock is best known for its fleece, which is medium to long in length.  

The color varieties of this breed include light brown, brown, black and white (which is the most common coloration).

The fleece of the American Miniature Brecknock covers almost its entire body, with the head and legs closely resembling the appearance of the Cheviot breed with pricked ears and short, fine and glossy hair covering the head and legs which are bare.  

Is This the Smallest Sheep Breed?

While the American Miniature Brecknock is one of the smallest sheep breeds, it is surprisingly hardy and has become popular due to its longevity, resilience and productivity.

Brecknock Cheviot Sheep Breed Information (Southern Hill Cheviot Sheep Breed)

Why Raise Brecknock Cheviot Sheep?

The American Miniature Brecknock is commonly used in wool and meat production and shepherds enjoy this sheep breed due to its lively nature and spunky personality around the farm.

They are an alert, inquisitive breed that is active and vigorous from birth.

American Miniature Brecknock Breed Info.

MATURE BODY WEIGHTRam: 55-100 lbs.
Ewe: 45-100 lbs.
FLEECEMedium to long (3″ to 7″) in white, black, tan or dilute. Solid coloration is expected and the fleece should be dense and consistent. The body should be covered with wool from behind the ears and poll.

Like the Cheviot and North County Cheviot the American Miniature Brecknock’s fleece often forms a slight ruff behind the ears at the back of the head. Legs should be free of wool below the knees and hocks.

The balance of the Miniature Brecknock’s body should be covered with a fine, shiny short hair of a solid white color. This sheep breed should display no wool on its face or legs.