St Croix Sheep

St Croix Sheep

The St Croix sheep breed originated in the Virgin Islands and as a result it is sometimes referred to as the Virgin Island White. These sheep are typically white in color, though there are known variations such as light brown, tan and black or white with black or brown spots. The breed standard calls for the St. Croix to be white.

Why Raise St. Croix Sheep?

St Croix Sheep Breed Information

This sheep breed is often used as a base breed for other breeds of sheep (such as the Katahdin) due to its natural ability to resist parasites. This characteristic is a huge benefit in terms of overall health and also in terms of annual expenses of time and medication to the shepherd.

The St. Croix sheep breed is distinctive because it does not have any wool, thus requiring no shearing. While many breeders enjoy the production of wool, others view annual shearing as a costly expense. These shepherds welcome the St. Croix into their barns as a way to avoid the annual investment in shearing their flock.

St. Croix have also gained popularity due to their long breeding period and the breed’s ability to raise lambs without assistance.

This versatile breed of sheep is also used for cheese and milk production on some farms.

St. Croix rams offer an impressive and exotic looking “mane” of long white hair around their shoulders and chests, giving them a strong and imperial presence.

How Big Are St Croix Sheep?

St Croix Sheep Breed - St. Croix Ram
Ram Mature Body Weight150 – 185 pounds
Ewe Mature Body Weight125 – 150 pounds

To learn more about St Croix sheep or to find a breeder near you, visit the St. Croix Hair Sheep Breeders website.