Types of Yarn for Knitting

Types of Yarn for Knitting & What Each is Best For [LIST]

New to knitting or crocheting? There are many different types of yarn for knitting to get acquainted with. There are handspun and machine-spun yarns, as well as yarns made from different materials, such as wool and acrylic. Keep reading to find our complete guide to the different types of yarn you can use to knit.

Weaning Lambs

Weaning Lambs (how to do it the right way)

As a sheep farmer, you must know how to wean lambs from their mother’s milk. It’s essential to put them onto grain and hay correctly and at the right time. Weaning lambs improperly leaves lambs at risk of different issues and problems developing later in its life.

Haylage vs Silage

Haylage vs Silage Comparison (key differences explained)

Like hay, haylage and silage are forage, and they’re often fed to sheep. They are different from hay, however, in the fact that they are ensiled, which means that they’re fermented. Today, I’ll explore key differences and compare haylage vs silage for sheep, so you can choose the best type of feed for your flock.