Hay vs Straw

Hay vs Straw Comparison (what are the differences?)

If you’re not a farmer or don’t live in a rural area, you probably use the terms “hay” and “straw” interchangeably. I know I hear people misuse these words all the time. Today I’ll compare hay vs straw so you understand the differences and can quickly tell one from the other. Let’s get started!

How Long do Sheep Live

How Long Do Sheep Live?

Domestic sheep (Ovis aries) is one of the most popular livestock animals in existence. These docile creatures were one of the earliest domesticated species in the world that were used for agricultural purposes. Sheep are bred for their wool, pelt, and for their meat and milk. But how long do sheep live? What is the …

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History of Wool

The History of Wool

Wool clothing is in nearly every closet. Throughout history, people have sheared sheep for their wool. It’s used to create a veriety of fabrics and produce clothing, blankets, and other textiles. Humans have been using wool since the early days of agriculture, but how exactly did we figure out how to do this? The history …

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