Basic Sheep Information

General Knowledge & Facts About Sheep

Let’s start out with some general sheep information and answers to common questions about sheep as a species and type of livestock.

On this page we’ve assembled some of our articles which fall into a general knowledge category. These include answers to questions about sheep horns, tails and other physical characteristics.

We’ll also share answers to common questions about what types of food you can (and can’t) feed to sheep as treats, why sheep look the way they do, and information about the history of sheep as a species and how they came to be used on farms around the world.

Sheep Information

Sheep as a Species

Ovis aries, or sheep, are a ruminant mammal and there are currently just over a billion domesticated sheep kept as pets and livestock around the world. Most people believe that the modern domesticated sheep breeds are descended from the Mouflon.

Today, farmers raise sheep for wool, meat, their pelts, and even as dairy animals. Breeds like the East Friesian are highly valued as dairy stock. 

The general term for raising and caring for sheep is sheep husbandry, and this is practiced on farms throughout the world. If people live somewhere, chances are good that there are sheep nearby.

Popular Articles on General Sheep Information Topics

Meat sheep breeds produce wool but most shepherds raise these sheep for their rapid rate of growth and high yield carcasses. These breeds are often very popular in the show ring due to their flashy appearance and the fact that breeders are usually easy to locate.
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Is a Sheep a Herbivore?

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What Do Sheep Eat

What Do Sheep Eat?

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