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Does Shearing Hurt Sheep

Does Shearing Hurt the Sheep?

Ever hesitate to wear wool because you think shearing hurts sheep? Well, there’s no need to worry. Shearing definitely doesn’t hurt sheep. In fact, sheep usually feel a lot better when we remove their heavy fleece.

Is a Sheep a Herbivore

Is a Sheep a Herbivore?

Did you know that sheep are ruminants? Ruminants have a complex digestive system with multiple stomachs. It’s because sheep are ruminants that they need large amounts of food. Their bodies must expend energy in breaking down and digesting all that they eat. Now that you know sheep are ruminants, you still want to know: is …

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How Long do Sheep Live

How Long Do Sheep Live?

Domestic sheep (Ovis aries) is one of the most popular livestock animals in existence. These docile creatures were one of the earliest domesticated species in the world that were used for agricultural purposes. Sheep are bred for their wool, pelt, and for their meat and milk. But how long do sheep live? What is the …

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Sheep Milk

All About Sheep Milk

Have you heard of sheep milk but never had a chance to try it? While it’s still relatively unknown or not very often used in North America, sheep dairy has been consumed and enjoyed by humans for thousands of years. Two places in the world where sheep milk is most popular include countries around the …

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Can Sheep Swim

Can Sheep Swim?

If you have sheep or have ever spent time around these animals, you probably know that they don’t really like being in water. In fact, they will usually even avoid crossing little streams if they can . But can sheep swim if they have to?