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Are Sheep Good Pets

Are Sheep Good Pets?

Most of us think of sheep as farm animals. We think of herds grazing amongst the fields and hillsides. That they’re raised for wool or meat instills this, but can they make good pets? Sheep are smarter than we normally think they are. They’re also often docile and can easily be trained. Having a pet …

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Do Sheep Have Horns

Do Sheep Have Horns?

Have you ever if sheep have horns? It’s a common question, and the answer is yes, sometimes. Whether a sheep has horns or doesn’t depends on its breed and sometimes whether it is a male or a female sheep. There are some sheep breeds in which both rams and ewes have horns, but there are …

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Do Sheep Have Tails

Do Sheep Have Tails?

You’ve probably seen sheep at a fair or in a field that they did not appear to have a tail. But, did you know that most types of sheep are born with tails? Farmers and shepherds usually dock the tails when they are lambs.

Can Sheep Eat Apples

Can Sheep Eat Apples?

Can sheep eat apples or will apples and/or apple seeds harm a sheep or make them sick? Do you need to be concerned about sheep in pastures with apple trees? In this article, we’ll go over whether apples make good treats for sheep. We’ll cover the nutrition requirements of the animal to maintain overall health …

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Can Sheep Eat Carrots

Can Sheep Eat Carrots?

If you have sheep, you may wonder if sheep eat carrots or wondered whether you can feed them carrot greens. It’s a good idea to introduce new foods to sheep gradually and to never let your sheep glut themselves on new food – especially tasty vegetables like carrots. If you’re considering switching food sources for …

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Are Sheep Smart

Are Sheep Smart?

Do you assume that sheep are dumb? If so, you might be surprised to learn this actually isn’t the case. While they’re not the smartest animal, they have some keen and useful instincts. Are sheep smart? Regardless of what we previously understood, yes – sheep are very smart. They interact with the world in a …

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What is a Female Sheep Called

What is a Female Sheep Called?

Many people wonder about the name of a female sheep, and are surprised to discover that there are several commonly used names a female sheep is called. Your sheep’s age and the role she plays on the farm are both factors which help to determine what your female sheep should be called.

What Do Sheep Eat

What Do Sheep Eat?

Whether you’re a new shepherd or you’re just curious and want to learn a little more about sheep food – it’s important to answer the question: “What do sheep eat?” Providing sheep with proper nutrition is the key to a thriving flock.