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Haylage vs Silage

Haylage vs Silage Comparison (key differences explained)

Like hay, haylage and silage are forage, and they’re often fed to sheep. They are different from hay, however, in the fact that they are ensiled, which means that they’re fermented. Today, I’ll explore key differences and compare haylage vs silage for sheep, so you can choose the best type of feed for your flock.

Hay vs Straw

Hay vs Straw Comparison (what are the differences?)

If you’re not a farmer or don’t live in a rural area, you probably use the terms “hay” and “straw” interchangeably. I know I hear people misuse these words all the time. Today I’ll compare hay vs straw so you understand the differences and can quickly tell one from the other. Let’s get started!