Braided Poly Sheep Halter Review

Braided Poly Sheep Halter Review

The Braided Poly Sheep Halter is a great tool to have around the farm. Useful for halter training lambs and for restraining adult sheep while you trim their hooves or administer deworming medication, these halters are also attractive enough to use in the show ring, and in this review of the braided poly sheep halter from Weaver Leather I’ll describe why I think they’re a great value for farms and for 4Hers just starting out.

Detailed Review of Braided Poly Sheep Halter

I dinged these a half star over the less expensive Graphite Rope Sheep Halter because this Braided Poly Sheep Halter is slightly more expensive and is also made in China (I like to buy American when possible). This is an extremely functional halter and we did like that it fits many different sized sheep well and comes in a variety of attractive colors which allows you to let your kids show their unique personalities when they bring their show lambs to the fair.

I also like the poly material for sheep halters as it stays lightweight and strong even when wet and it feels good in the hands when leading a sheep by halter.

Product Details

Braided Poly Sheep Halter

Rated 4.5 Stars – An Affordable Every-Day Sheep Halter That Fits Well

Adjustable 3/8″ poly sheep halter which features a 4′ lead and thicker nose band and lead handle. Available in the following colors: Red, White, Yellow, Red/White, Green/White, Royal Blue/White, Green, Royal Blue, Lime/Blue, Lime/Pink, Purple, Raspberry/Black, Red/White/Blue

Key Features

  • Great Value
  • Fits Well
  • Well-Made
  • Many Colors

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