Lamb Tubes for Show

Lamb Tubes for Show (review)

If you’re raising and showing club lambs you understand the importance of a great show blanket which will keep your lambs clean and keep their hide tight and ready for the show ring. These low-cost, high-quality lamb tubes for show lambs are a great option for smaller lambs. These club lamb blankets come in a variety of colors to help your lambs stand out in the pens at the fair or stock show even before they get into the ring, and the 85% nylon, 15% spandex helps to ensure that when the judge gets its hands on your lamb that hide will be firm, tight and make a great impression.

In-Depth Review of Lamb Tubes for Show Lambs

What sets these club lamb blankets / sheep tights apart from some others on the  market was how easy they are to care for and how the colors and the material stand up over time. The last thing you want when you order a set of sheep tights is to have the material bunch and sag and come loose (so it doesn’t actually do the job of keeping the hide tight). I found that these sheep tights from Tote Along performed well in this regard in two ways. First, the material really did a nice job of staying tight, even in the second and third years of use. Second, they were inexpensive enough so that I could afford enough to have an extra set on hand at all times. This made it easy to swap them out every few days for a fresh set of clean, tight club lamb blankets, throwing the balance in the wash. Finally – what made these show lamb blankets worthy of a 5-star rating was the fact that the colors really stood up to heavy regular use and repeated washing. Nobody likes faded blankets and with the Tote Along sheep tights the colors you order will be the colors your sheep wear for years (and those colors don’t run or stain the sheep at all … another important point which separated these from others on the market.

Product Details

Rated 5 Stars – Keeps Hide Tight, Fade-Resistant Colors, Great Value

Tote Along club lamb blankets (sheep tights) are made of 85% nylon and 15% spandex and come in a variety of great colors. The stretchy material keeps your lamb’s hide tight, clean and ready for the show ring.

  • Care: Colorfast, machine-washable
  • Sizes: Small, Medium (26″ Girth)
  • Manufactured by: Tote Along

Key Features

  • Good Fit (Sized Properly)
  • Keeps Lambs Clean
  • Hide Stays Tight for Show