SuperSharp FootRot Shears

SuperSharp™ FootRot Shears Review

The SuperSharp FootRot Shears are a solid product, and offer shepherds a combination of quality and low price that we really liked. You can purchase these and save over $10 vs. the cost of our top-reviewed Shear Magic Hoof Trimmers, but we had a few reservations with the long-term performance of the SuperSharp™ shears which led us to rate them three and a half stars.

First what we liked: We like the price, the comfortable rubber-coated handles and the optional wrist-strap was a nice feature as well. The locking mechanism on the SuperSharp™ trimmers worked well and the fact that the blades are teflon-coated seemed to help them stay rust-free over an extended period of time (this is a good feature on any hoof trimmer and we recommend that you look for this in whatever pair you ultimately decide to purchase). The length of the blade was well-suited to the size of most sheep hooves.

What we didn’t like was that these didn’t feel quite as solid in our hand as some other models like the Shear Magic or the much more expensive ARS Hoof Trimmers. To an certain extent you get what you pay for so if you consider the fact that you could buy two pairs of these for the cost of one pair of ARS trimmers that may make the SuperSharp™ product a great value. In spite of their name, though, we did find that these didn’t stay as sharp as either of our higher-rated hoof trimmers and since this is one of the most important qualities we look for in this sort of tool we feel comfortable rating Ideal Instruments’ SuperSharp™ Foot Rot Shears 3.5 / 5 stars – it’s what we consider to be the best budget-friendly option in the category.

SuperSharp FootRot Shears Product Details

Supersharp Footrot Shears Review - Burgon & Ball

3.5 Stars – Well Designed and Durable but Require Frequent Re-Sharpening

Ideal Instruments’ SuperSharp™ Foot Rot Shears feature solid steel construction with teflon-coated blades and a convenient wrist strap.
SuperSharp™ Foot Rot Shears

Manufactured by: Ideal Instruments

Key Features

  • Extremely Sharp
  • Teflon-Coated
  • Comfortable Grip
  • Useful Wrist-Strap