Sheep Chair

Sheep Chair Review (Premier1 Sheep Tipping Chair)

The Premier1 Sheep Chair offers shepherds a lightweight, and mobile tool to comfortably trim sheep hooves and administer shots to their sheep near any fence in their barn. Constructed of lightweight and sturdy galvanized steel and a durable elastic netting, this sheep chair securely locks over most wooden or tubular steel fencing. This allows shepherds to comfortably tip their animals into a sitting position, where they relax, allowing you to trim hooves, de-worm, and administer shots without undue stress on your back, and without stressing the sheep.

Sheep Tipping Chair from Premier1 Supplies (why I love it)

If you’ve ever had to trim hooves and administer shots in an outbuilding or remote corner of your farm, you’re probably familiar with back pain and a few choice words. While I generally prefer to take care of hoof trimming and other forms of flock management with a sheep handling system, or on a sheep blocking stand, I consider the sheep tipping chair from Premier1 Supplies an indispensable tool on any farm, and well worth the money.

Sheep Chair for Sale - Review of the Premier1 Sheep Deck Chair

Constructed of sturdy galvanized tubular steel, and a durable elastic net, Premier1’s sheep chair weighs less than 25 pounds, making it easy to take with you to outbuildings, or even out to a field where you can treat ailing sheep.

The way it works is simple: simply position it near a fence, back your sheep up to the chair, and once the front cross-piece is just above the animal’s rear hocks, tip your sheep back into the mesh and hook the top of the tool over a cross-piece of the fence. Your sheep will be securely cradled in the elastic netting, and because it’s in a similar neutral position to when it is shorn, your sheep will be able to relax while you have both hands free to trim hooves, give shots, administer deworming medication, etc.

Will the Premier1 Sheep Chair Fit Any Size Sheep?

While the largest stud rams may be a tight squeeze in the Premier1 Supplies sheep tipping chair, most sheep will comfortably fit within this product. The length of the product is 40″ and the width is adjustable from 10″ all the way to 16″ so you can size it to securely accommodate the sheep in your flock. It also folds up for easy transport around your farm, or to work-sites out in your pasture.

Premier1 states that their sheep chair is safe to use on pregnant ewes, which is nice, because traditional sheep tipping of pregnant ewes can elevate the risk of miscarriage. I also like that there’s a kick-plate at the bottom of the chair, which prevents sheep from getting their legs caught in the webbing as you back them up to the chair to tip them up for work.

Why Premier1’s Sheep Chair is a Good Investment

In our view the Sheep Deck Chair manufactured and sold by Premier1 Sheep Supplies is an excellent investment for both large and small farms. It is less expensive and more portable than most sheep trimming stands, and is easy to use when working with both lambs and adult sheep.

In our view, working on a sheep farm is hard enough — At less than $150 this product is well worth the price, and allows you to save your back, and reduce stress on your sheep.

Product Details

Rated 5 Stars – Sturdy Construction, Easy to Use, Low-Stress for Sheep

Easier to move around your barn and farm than a fitting stand or livestock handling system, the Premier1 Supplies sheep chair is a vital tool in any shepherds arsenal.

Manufactured by: Premier1 Supplies