Oster Sheep Shears

Oster Sheep Shears Review (Shearmaster®)

The Shearmaster single-speed electric Oster sheep shears are an excellent choice for those who value performance without breaking the bank. The 3″ single-speed head provides cool-operation during extended periods of use and I was impressed with the improved design of the new case.

Oster Single-Speed Electric Sheep Shears

You may be familiar with the older Oster sheep shears (I loved mine and I used them without issue for more than 10 years before I upgraded to my Andis clippers) which came with a black or gray case. The new yellow housing which is available on some of the Oster Shearmaster clippers is great not only for visibility, but it’s more comfortable – offering users a “soft-touch” coating on the underside for improved grip … a feature which is really helpful when shearing greasy wool for extended periods of time.

Why I Love Using the Oster Sheep Shears

Oster Shearmaster Electric Sheep Shears Review

The durable toolbox that comes with this pair of Oster electric sheep shears is great. There’s plenty of room in the case for several pairs of shears (if you’re going to a fair and need a backup pair this is really handy — I like to have one set for rough blocking work, and another set ready to go for finish work to save time) and the top tray is great for storing extra combs and cutters, your screwdriver and an oil can.

It’s a minor thing, but I also like the bright blue color on the toolbox – I appreciate bright colors for farm equipment because it helps me quickly find what I’m looking for. The blue clasps on the front of this toolbox helps it to stand out in my workshop after storing these shears for the winter (I’m not the only one who has shop organization issues, am I?).

While the Oster shearmasters do tend to get warm when working in a washed fleece (I prefer my Andis sheep shears for working on my show flock – they seem to stay cooler when working on fleece which is free of lanolin), these are an excellent choice for shearing your flock – especially if you raise a long wool breed as the 3″ blades really help to cut down on second cuts.

If you’re just starting out and learning how to shear sheep I can whole-heartedly recommend these Shearmaster single-speed shears, and they make a great set of show shears for beginners or younger kids who will definitely appreciate the comfortable grip as they gain confidence using electric shears.

Product Details

Rated 4.5 Stars – Comfortable Grip, Cool Operation, Durable Construction

The Oster Shearmaster Single-Speed electric sheep shears feature a new, bright yellow case with soft-touch finish for improved grip and enhanced comfort during operation. The single-speed operation and 3″ operating head helps to keep these shears cool, and these 120w corded electric Oster sheep shears come with a durable toolbox complete with shelf for storing extra combs and cutters, oil, screw-driver and other tools. The Shearmaster shears are durable and long-lasting and are known to stay oiled for up to 100 hours of use in the toughest conditions.

Manufactured by: Oster®

Key Features

Oster Sheep Shears Review
  • Cool Operation
  • Comfortable Grip
  • Stays Oiled For Up To 100 Hours
  • Durable Toolbox Included