Weaver Leather Fleece Blanket Review

Weather Leather Fleece Blanket Review

The Weaver Leather fleece sheep blanket is intended for use on slick shorn show or club lambs as a way to keep the lambs warm and clean. It is constructed with a warm, soft fleece lining and a jersey top and is typically used as an additional layer beneath another blanket (though it can be used on its own). The blanket’s leg straps are attached well and made of a stretchy spandex/nylon material which fits comfortably around the legs of most lambs.

In-Depth Review of the Weaver Leather Fleece Blanket for Sheep

This blanket is sized well, but it is important to remember that the large/extra large size are designed for larger lambs and won’t fit yearlings of some larger meat breeds. Sizing is:

  • Extra Small / Small – Made for Lambs weighing 70-110 pounds
  • Large / Extra Large – Made for lambs weighing 115-170 pounds

What I like most about this blanket is how durable it is and the price-point (if properly cared for this blanket will last several years making the cost work out to just a couple of dollars a year – a great investment for your show flock.

While many folks will use spandex tube show lamb blankets to keep their sheep clean and keep the skin tight on their club lambs, these lightweight fleece sheep blankets are a great way to keep your lambs clean and warm and are a good additional piece of equipment to have with your show supplies – especially for fairs and exhibitions which take place in the spring or fall in northern states. Healthy, comfortable lambs always perform better in the ring.

Product Details

Rated 4.5 Stars – Good Fit, Easy to Clean, Keeps Lambs Warm & Ready for Show

The Weaver Leather Fleece Sheep Blanket keeps slick shorn lambs and goats warm. Made from high quality fleece with a jersey top, it is recommended for use under another blanket.

  • Care:Machine wash with cold water on gentle cycle. Line dry. No bleach.
  • Sizes: X-Small, Small, Large, X-Large
  • Manufactured by: Weaver Leather

Key Features

  • Good Fit (Sized Properly)
  • Keeps Lambs Warm & Clean
  • Flexible, Sturdy Leg Straps