Andis Sheep Shears Review

Andis Sheep Shears Review

Andis is my favorite brand of sheep shears, and I was lucky enough to use the Andis Heavy Duty Sheep Shears I won in a blocking contest for many years. Unfortunately that set of shears has been discontinued, but the good news is their Xpedition model is just as good (and maybe better). Today I’ll share my experience using Andish sheep shears in this review and tell you why they’re my favorite pair of electric shears.

While some lightweight, smaller shears are popular for preparing club or market lambs for the show ring, for any other breeds I preferred Andis to Oster or some of the other, less expensive foreign-manufactured shears because they ran and stayed cool, their tough plastic case offered the perfect combination of durability and weight and I have never had an issue with the motor or other parts within these shears giving out – even after years of use preparing a flock of Hampshire and Romney sheep for the show circuit.

In-Depth Review of Andis Xpedition Sheep Shears

One other quality we like about the Andis Sheep Shears is that they were relatively quiet when compared to some competing brands. While the sound of a pair of shears isn’t the chief concern (we look first and foremost for cool operation, ease of use, durability and how they perform), the fact that regular, extended use doesn’t come with the risk of damage to your hearing is certainly a plus.

While expensive at just over $400, the Andis Sheep Shears come with a razor-sharp and long-lasting Cobra Cutter, an Ovina Comb, oil, a screw driver to change and adjust your combs and cutters, a blade brush for easy cleaning and a rugged, hard plastic Andis carrying case which is convenient for carrying your shears around the farm or to the fair and is a great, dry way to store your shears as it is custom-made to fit.

If you’ve used Oster shears in the past the good news is that Oster combs and cutters will fit these – you can keep your old Oster shears (as we did) for use around the farm and swap out the combs and cutters between Oster and Andis shears depending upon  your need. This can save you money as you don’t need unique sets of combs and cutters to accompany these shears.

We’ll be reviewing other sets of electric shears for sheep, but the Andis Heavy Duty electric shears are our favorite and if properly maintained they can last a lifetime. Our set is still going strong after 10+ years of regular use.

Product Details

Rated 5 Stars – Solid Construction, Cool Operation, Long-Lasting & Professional Grade

Andis® Heavy Duty Sheep Shears operate at 2,300 strokes per minute. Engineered for cool, quiet and comfortable use these 220w corded electric shears come with the shear, Cobra Cutter, Ovina Comb, shear oil, screw-driver, blade brush, a sturdy hard plastic carrying case and instruction manual. Oster® 4 point cutters and 3″ combs will fit this shear.

Key Features

  • Cool Operation
  • Solid Construction
  • Durable
  • Easy to Operate