Dr. Naylor's Hoof n Heel Review

Dr. Naylor’s Hoof n’ Heel (16 oz) Review

If you’ve raised sheep for any period of time then you’ve likely encountered foot rot or hoof rot – a highly contagious and extremely painful infection of the hoof caused by two types of anaerobic bacteria. Dr. Naylor’s Hoof ‘n Heel is a cost-effective treatment option and, in our view, it is one of the most effective and fast-acting treatments of foot rot in sheep.

One 16-ounce bottle of Dr. Naylor’s Hoof n’ Heel treats approximately 8 to 12 hooves if applied liberally several times. Due to its aggressive attack of the bacteria which cause foot rot, application will generally sting the animal, but this is a clear indication that the product is doing its job. 

Detailed Review of Dr. Naylor’s Hoof n’ Heel (16 oz.)

The packaging for the 16 oz. bottle of Dr. Naylor’s Hoof n’ Heel is equally well-suited to application and storage. The red twist-tight application nozzle prevents evaporation and waste after you have opened the bottle and allows you to easily apply the zinc sulfate solution to infected areas of your sheep’s hooves with a focused stream when you squeeze the bottle.

At just more than $10 per bottle and no shelf-life limitations that we’re aware of, we think this product is a bargain due to its effectiveness and price-point and we recommend that shepherds keep several bottles on hand so that it’s available to treat any cases of foot rot before it is allowed to spread to other members of your flock.

For severe cases we found Dr. Naylor’s Hoof n’ Heel to be most effective when applied to clean, trimmed hooves once or twice a day for several days until sheep displayed no signs of limping. In the most severe cases of foot rot in sheep, a combination of antibiotic injections and topical treatment with Dr. Naylor’s Hoof n’ Heel produced rapid recovery and complete elimination of hoof rot.

To learn more about diagnosing, treating and preventing hoof rot in your flock read our informative foot rot article.

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Product Overview

Rated 5 Stars – A Safe & Effective Treatment for Hoof Rot & Foot Rot

A topical antibacterial (Zinc Sulfate) solution for the treatment of hoof rot, hoof scald, foot rot and foot scald in sheep. Does not cause sheep’s hooves to shrink, become discolored, or to become brittle. Contains 11.2% Zinc Sulfate. 16 oz.
Dr. Naylor

Manufactured by: Dr. Naylor

Key Features

  • Fast Acting
  • Effective
  • Easy to Use
  • Affordable

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