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Can You Use Cheap Sheep Halters in the Show Ring?

Many people with young kids in 4-H or FFA wonder if it’s ok to use a halter in the show ring. Whether you use cheap sheep halters or more expensive leather or nylon brands – the answer is yes – there’s nothing wrong with younger kids using a sheep halter to make it easier to handle or keep control of their lamb in the ring. In fact – it’s always better to use a halter and not need it than to send your child into the ring without a halter and watch in  horror as their lamb gets spooked and bolts across the arena, causing embarrassment and possibly getting injured in the process.

With that said, we have a few tips for how you can dress up cheap sheep halters when you or your child uses them in the show ring.

Where to Buy Cheap Sheep Halters Online

While there are numerous places to purchase inexpensive sheep halters online, we recommend – shipping is fast (and usually free), and it’s an online marketplace you can trust.

We’ve reviewed several of their cheap sheep halters on our site. They are very functional and inexpensive halters, but what we like most about them is the variety of colors and styles that each halter comes in.

Using a Halter in a Sheep Show

The reason this is important is that if you have a colorful sheep lead you can dress up its appearance by coordinating your sheep halter colors with your outfit (say, a red white and blue halter with a red white and blue scrunchy, belt or an American Flag pin).

If you take care to neatly wrap the loose end of the lead so it doesn’t drag on the ground and take this color-coordinated approach, an inexpensive sheep halter can actually help your child and his or her lamb stand out in the arena.

For a couple of bucks per halter, you can buy a full set of these less expensive sheep halters … this way even if you go to the fair with a full flock of 7 or more sheep to show, you can bring them to the show ring looking like a cohesive unit with 7 brightly colored sheep halters.

In pair, flock and group classes, this coordination can help your flock’s performance by catching the judge’s eye.

Do You Prefer Cheap Sheep Halters, Expensive Halters or No Halter at All?

While advanced showmen and women often will show their sheep without a halter so the judge can get a full view of the entire animal without distraction, we think that a coordinated set of cheap sheep halters can be appealing if they are kept clean and neatly tied (so they don’t drag on the ground).

Sheep Halter

They can save you considerable money over a more expensive leather or nylon halter while working just as well. With that said, we want to know what you think – please leave a comment below!

Want to learn more? Read our tips for halter breaking your lamb.

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